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Welcome to Ukhrul, the Hillock of Bliss.

Hello there! Welcome to Ukhrul, the cozy little town nestled at a 5, 453 ft above sea level, inhabited by 27,000+ cheerful indigenous Tangkhul Nagas. Shy to the sun, welcoming to the rain and sometimes surprising snowfalls on her highest peak, Ukhrul beckons your visit.

From how to get to Ukhrul to finding the right tour guide, which lodge to hold up in Ukhrul or which cafe to dig in your hot breakfast, we have all the information for you right here.

Whether you are for a new place to backpack in North-East India or explore virgin hill stations locked away in mountain tops, Ukhrul Town is where you need to be.

Ukhrul awaits your arrival for a scintillating and fresh holiday experience.